Coach Lico’s journey from Brazil to the US in 2008 led him to discover CrossFit in Orlando in 2011, and it was love at first lift. This passion compelled him to establish CrossFit Baldwin Park (formerly known as such), where he’s transformed countless lives, forming lasting friendships and a strong sense of community. As a certified Level 1 CrossFit coach, CrossFit Kids coach, and USA Weightlifting coach, he continuously strives for improvement, currently pursuing his Level 2 CrossFit coach program. Beyond the gym, he treasures spending time with his wife and their baby boy, sharing their love for travel and snowboarding adventures. Lico’s story is a testament to the profound impact one individual can have on a community, one CrossFit session at a time.


Jill is a dynamic force in the world of fitness, boasting a CrossFit Level 2 certification and an Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 credential. Her journey into the realm of CrossFit was sparked by her mother, an early introduction that has since blossomed into a deep-seated passion. Her love for this sport extends beyond personal fitness goals – it led her to meet her husband at the gym, a serendipitous encounter that speaks to the power of community. What truly sets Jill apart is her genuine enthusiasm for working with new athletes and moms, guiding them on their own transformative journeys. Her zest for CrossFit is most evident in her favorite movements: overhead squats, overhead lunges, and wall balls, showcasing her tenacity and the joy she finds in conquering challenges. In her presence, you’ll find not just a fitness enthusiast, but a compassionate mentor who thrives in helping others reach their full potential.


Jim, a dedicated CrossFit Level 2 certified coach, has been passionately guiding athletes on their fitness journeys since 2013. With a commendable background as a gym owner in his hometown of Syracuse, Jim not only fostered a thriving CrossFit community but also proved genuine leadership in the sport. His perseverance and unwavering commitment to personal growth shine through his remarkable achievement of making the online qualifier in his masters division six times, securing a commendable 50th place in the world. Jim’s unwavering commitment to personal growth continues to inspire those he coaches with his dynamic and determined spirit.


Camila, a dedicated CrossFit Level 1 coach, originates from Lima, Peru, and brings a wealth of athletic experience and passion to the community. She spent 12 years on the soccer field, honing her skills and cultivating a deep love for sports. Her journey then led her to the world of weightlifting, where she spent seven years perfecting her craft. In 2020, Camila found her newest athletic endeavor in CrossFit, embracing the diverse challenges it offers. Her vibrant personality shines through in her commitment to helping others achieve their fitness goals, making her not just a coach but a true inspiration for those she trains, blending her rich sporting background with her newfound love for CrossFit.


Amanda’s journey from her roots in Colorado to the Midwest and her eventual settling in Florida is a testament to her diverse and adventurous spirit. With a multifaceted educational background, ranging from therapeutic massage to communications, and from avionics electronics in the US Navy to yoga training in Mysore, India, she embodies a pursuit of knowledge and a dedication to diverse experiences. Amanda’s career has seen her excel as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and lead instructor in the fitness education realm. Her passion for CrossFit was ignited in 2015, leading her to become a coach and dedicating her career solely to this fitness discipline after joining CrossFit Baldwin Park in 2021. Beyond her professional achievements, Amanda’s personal interests reveal a love for volleyball, cheerleading, triathlons, and the great outdoors. Her love for family, learning, movies, and the comfort of a good casserole reflect her multifaceted and down-to-earth personality.



Charlie, a devoted entrepreneur and co-owner, embodies the essence of dedication and community building. His investment in the gym is a testament to his unwavering belief that there’s no stronger community than the one forged through CrossFit. Over his impressive 13-year CrossFit journey, he’s discovered that this fitness regimen not only enhances his physical capabilities but also empowers him to show up every day for what matters most – his beloved wife and cherished daughters. Beyond the barbells and kettlebells, Charlie’s passion for surfing mirrors his deep connection with the harmonious rhythms of business and community development, underscoring his entrepreneurial drive and dedication to cultivating strong bonds within close-knit communities.


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Shoulder Health Workshop- Saturday, August 3rd, 10 AM

Beach Day- September 14th, 2024
Question of the Day

Skittles or M&Ms?


3 rounds for Quality:

10 Kneeling Tether bells

10 ¼ halos

10 SA suitcase Deadlift

10 slow OH KB marches

*10 reps on the right and left for each movement

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)


10 calories on any machine
8 ring dips
6 single-arm Russian KB swings/arm (53/35 lb)


10 calories on any machine
4 ring dips (or 8 foot assisted)
6 single-arm Russian KB swings/arm (35/26 lb)


  • 6+ rounds.
  • Athlete chooses machine.
  • Ring dips in 2 sets or less.
  • Unbroken single-arm Russian kettlebell swings.